Even though printing is an integral component of most businesses, it is often overlooked as a source of savings. Due to the complex nature of evaluating actual print costs, it may not seem worth the effort, but the reality is an unmanaged print environment can wind up costing your organization thousands of dollars that could better be spent in other areas. Read on to learn where to look for these hidden print costs, and what you can do to to start saving today.

1. Energy usage – Inflated energy bills can result from a number of issues, including:

  • Printers that are past their prime and should be replaced with more energy-efficient, EnergyStar rated equipment.
  • Low volume printers that are frequently being utilized for large print jobs.

2. Equipment overload. In an effort to save money, users may purchase inexpensive standalone units, when more energy-efficient multifunction devices can replace several devices.

3. Maintenance and repairs. Relying on IT personnel to fix your printer issues is a waste of valuable resources. A Managed Print Services provider can look after all your repair and maintenance needs, freeing IT personnel to focus on more important issues.

4. Unnecessary waste. Reset default printer settings to black and white only, double-sided print, to reduce waste.

5. Ineffective placement. Putting the right type of printer in a strategic location will prevent bottlenecks and lost productivity from repairs resulting from overuse.

6. Printer supplies. Mismanagement of supplies can lead to waste or theft, placing an unnecessary strain on your print budget.

7. Hardware. It’s important to consider the lifetime cost of a printer including associated supplies, instead of buying the unit based on a lower initial cost.

Regaining control over your print environment is just a phone call away—partnering with a Managed Print Services provider will relieve you of the burden of managing your print environment. Once a comprehensive print assessment has been completed, an MPS provider  will develop a plan to reduce your spending and increase productivity.

By consolidating your resources, implementing a rules-based print plan and replacing older, ineffective equipment with more efficient devices, you’ll experience a more streamlined, effective print experience, with a positive impact on your bottom line.