Your employees, customers and vendors are likely a far-flung group, and some of them may take their work on the go.
Mobile printing allows stakeholders to print, scan and share from any Internet-enabled device – laptop, smartphone or tablet – with ease and security.
Mobile Printing from an IT Standpoint
When you’re making the decision to consult a Managed Print Services (MPS) representative about mobile printing, you may find your IT professionals have questions of their own:

Will our organization need to integrate new applications or unique print drivers to support mobile printing?
Can we be sure that cloud-based data remains secure through the mobile printing process?
Will mobile printing cost our company more in IT time and resources?

Valid questions – and the answer lies in a mobile print solution created with an MPS partner. A solution created for your specific needs will require minimal IT time and resources, while the sophisticated security measures developed for cloud-based printing helps ensure maximum data safety.
Users Benefit from Mobile Printing
Stakeholders in remote locations or on the road will find that mobile printing enables better productivity and faster response times.
They can have confidence that a mobile printing solution will let them print, scan and save documentation from virtually any format – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, email, PDF, TIFF, BMP, GIF, XPS and more.
Join the Mobile Generation
According to iPass, 91 percent of mobile workers use smartphones for work. They’re waiting for the technology that makes their day easier.
For more information about integrating mobile printing into your workforce, contact us today.