Guest post by Francis Cournoyer, President & Owner of XMA Business Solutions

The definition of Managed Print Services is actually quite broad in scope. The end result, however, is pretty simple: gaining visibility into your print environment and control over your printing, helping you save money by reducing costs and increasing your employees’ productivity. When approached holistically, Managed Print Services should also focus on environmental sustainability and document security.

MPS encompasses the total cost of optimization and management of your print environment, all printers, output and processes that support these devices. This includes:

  • All Pages – produced by employees, mobile workers, desktop printers, scanners, and high volume devices
  • Support – technical service and maintenance
  • Consumables – management of paper, toner and other supplies

When you take all of the costs of “printing” as defined above, it accounts for a large portion (up to 15%) of your annual spending! Engaging a Managed Print Services provider and outsourcing your print environment can not only remove the responsibilities of print management, it can cut costs up to 30%; savings that translate directly to your bottom line!

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MPS: More Than Just Managing Printers

The best MPS providers do much more than oversee your printers. Generally, they will begin by conducting an up-front assessment to determine the current state of your print environment. Providers will then:

  • Monitor, manage and optimize your print environment, regardless of printer brand
  • Provide a technology plan to reduce the number and types of devices to better meet the needs of your business
  • Identify and address potential problems proactively, including replenishing supplies
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and establish sustainable processes to reduce energy use and consumables
  • Provide mobile print solutions to meet the needs of remote workers and telecommuters.
  • Continuously monitor and improve your print environment to save time and money

And much more! The true measure of an MPS provider is one who can seamlessly manage your print environment freeing your time to focus on mission critical tasks that will grow your business. Consider engaging an MPS provider today!

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